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TTC Video - The Great Tours France through the Ages

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TTC Video - The Great Tours France through the Ages
TTC Video - The Great Tours: France through the Ages
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Lecturer: John Greene, PhD

France is the world's most visited destination for travelers. From the beloved city of Paris-a global archetype of beauty, romance, and fine living-to the sunshine and lavender fields of Provence, the medieval splendor of Carcassonne and Avignon, the glittering seaside life of the Côte d'Azur, and more, France ignites the imagination and dazzles the senses like no other country on Earth.

In this thrilling new edition of The Great Tours, you'll delve deeply into what makes France such a magical and irresistible draw, and you'll discover how a visit to France can be an unforgettable adventure, an astonishing journey through history, and a multifaceted immersion in the French "art de vivre"-the art of living.
In the 24 visually lavish segments of The Great Tours: France through the Ages, you'll travel across the diverse regions of France, from Brittany and Normandy in the north to Aquitaine and Provence in the south, enjoying an inside view of France unlike any other you'll find without a plane ticket. What truly sets this tour apart is your consummate guide to France, Professor John Greene of the University of Louisville, a multi-award-winning scholar and professor of French language, culture, and civilization.
Professor Greene's extraordinarily detailed knowledge of France has been honed through a lifetime of travel across all of France's remarkable regions-an intimate, personal familiarity with French life and culture far surpassing guidebooks or conventional itineraries. He was named by the French government as a chevalier in the Ordre des Palmes Académiques for services to education and culture. Professor Greene's expert guidance and richly informative commentary make this tour a thoroughly delightful-and insightful-excursion into the cultural and historical treasures of La Belle France.
Discover the Timeless Appeal of France
The Great Tours: France through the Ages is both an ideal resource for planning your own trip to France and a way to enjoy a deeper grasp of the beauty, history, and culture of France from the comfort of your own home. All segments of the tour are richly illustrated with contemporary and historic photos, maps, and visual aids, bringing the sights and landscapes of France vividly alive.
As one of Europe's premier civilizations, with a tradition reaching back over two millennia, France boasts a spectrum of historical treasures and cultural riches to enchant even the most seasoned traveler. Across the many distinct cultural regions of France, you'll enjoy such diverse sites as:
The Palace and Gardens of Versailles-Among Europe's most spectacular royal residences, and the majestic seat of Louis XIV, the "Sun King";
Bordeaux-Home to both the beautiful city of Bordeaux and the superlative, verdant wine region known for some of the world's finest wines;
The Basque Country-Featuring the proud Basque culture, culinary traditions, and fascinating history, plus the world-renowned religious pilgrimage site of Lourdes;
Corsica-Known to the French as the "Isle of Beauty"; the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte, seat of the legendary French Foreign Legion, and a paradise of natural scenery; and
Arles-The sun-drenched, historic town of matchless Provençal charm and the place that inspired numerous masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh.
Enjoy a Phenomenal Tapestry of History
France has often been a major player in some of the most impactful events of European history, making it an infinitely rewarding place to visit for history buffs and for travelers looking for a rich, cultural experience. In the course of this wide-ranging travelogue, you will truly experience France through the ages. As you journey through France's regions and subregions, you'll encounter landmarks of French heritage, such as:
The 35,000-year-old cave paintings of Lascaux and Chauvet, among the world's most stunning prehistoric artworks;
The imposing medieval castles of the Cathars-a storied religious sect-and their dramatic history;
Outsized historical figures such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), and Charles de Gaulle, and the sites associated with their lives;
The historic locations where the world-changing French Revolution unfolded; and
The enthralling worlds of George Sand, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and the swirl of art and artists in 19th-century bohemian Paris.
Along with a thorough look at the past, you will also get to see the cultural landscape of contemporary France, as captured in the French passion for art, cinema, soccer, fine food, and daring modernist building projects across the country, such as the Viaduc de Millau, a wonder of 21st-century engineering.
Travel to the Heart of French Culture
Throughout the tour, Professor Greene delights in probing the question of what makes France such a magnet for visitors from all over the world. Central to this matter is the art de vivre, a sensibility that permeates nearly every aspect of French life, expressing the French people's desire to live well and to seek out the best life has to offer, in terms of food, art and culture, décor, fashion, nature, and more.
As just one instance of the art de vivre in action, you'll study the concept of "terroir" in French winemaking-the combined factors of the grape, soil, growth environment, weather patterns, and how the land is worked, all of which define the identity and value of a fine wine.
Across the 24 segments of the tour, you'll experience this hallmark of French culture in examples such as:
The Multiple Wonders of Paris-Within six full segments on Paris, dig deeply into the French capital-arguably the world's most aesthetically beautiful major city. Stroll the Grands Boulevards and the enchanting squares, a masterstroke of 19th-century urban planning. And explore the city's multidimensional history, iconic landmarks, romantic neighborhoods, and artistic and literary life, as well as its eminence in the worlds of cinema, photography, and fashion.
Lyon-Explore the self-proclaimed capital of French gastronomy, even above Paris; learn why this remarkable city attracts icons of haute cuisine; sample its culinary scene, from its fine dining restaurants to its more informal "bouchons"; and also note how Lyon gave birth to France's-and the world's-love affair with the cinema.
The Loire Valley-Spend time in one of France's most celebrated regions, most famous for its 300+ châteaux, a Renaissance cluster of architectural masterpieces designed for luxury, comfort, and elegance; trace the historic factors that created this most astounding building boom; and take an in-depth look at the palatial splendor of Azay-le-Rideau and Chenonceau.
Regional French Food and Wine-In the home of the Western world's most celebrated culinary and wine traditions, learn about the history, lore, and methods of preparation of many of France's favorite regional foods, such as bouillabaisse (Marseille), ratatouille (the Rhône valley), and cassoulet (the Camargue). Visit France's world-famous wine regions of Alsace, Champagne, Burgundy, and the Loire, among others, and discover iconic wines, including Château Margaux, Beaujolais, Côtes du Rhône, and Pouilly-Fumé.
Glories of Art and Architecture-Across the span of the tour, pay visits to a multitude of France's greatest cultural treasures, such as the island citadel of Mont Saint-Michel; the 11th-century Bayeux tapestry; Claude Monet's home and gardens at Giverny; the Cathedrals of Rheims, Chartres, and Paris's Notre Dame, as well as Paris's sublime Opéra Garnier; the Gallo Roman architecture of Arles; and Avignon's magnificent Palais des Papes.
Finally, you'll also take in the remarkable natural wonders of France and its idyllic landscapes, from the gorgeous coastal scenery of Normandy and Brittany to the soaring peaks of the French Alps.
In The Great Tours: France through the Ages, you'll mine the essence of a culture that has long stood as a symbol of romance, beauty, and the very best of life and living.

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