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Humanism Beginner's Guide by Peter Cave

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Humanism  Beginner's Guide by Peter Cave
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Descirption: The quintessential guide to living a meaningful life without God.
Why should we believe in God without any evidence? How can there be meaning in life when death is final? With historical adherents including such thinkers as Einstein, Freud, Philip Pullman, and Frank Zappa, Humanism's central quest is to make sense of such questions, explaining the ethical and metaphysical by appealing to shared human values, rationality, and tolerance. Essential reading for atheists, agnostics, ignostics, freethinkers, rationalists, skeptics, and believers too, this Beginner's Guide will explain all aspects of the Humanist philosophy whilst providing an alternative and valuable conception of life without religion. **

"An admirable guide for all those non-religious (surely the true `silent majority'?) who may wake up to the fact that they are humanists ... What we have in common is, indeed, not faith but our humanity." --Sir Bernard Crick, Emeritus Professor of Birkbeck College, University of London, and author of Democracy: A Very Short Introduction

"Peter Cave brings to a serious subject his characteristic wit and humour, as well as wide knowledge and sharp insight. This is a very readable introduction to humanism - and a deeply human one."

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