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Mary Ball Washington by Craig Shirley

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Mary Ball Washington by Craig Shirley
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Descirption: The Mother of the Father of our Country.
Mary Ball Washington was an unlikely candidate to be the mother of history's most famous revolutionary. In fact, George Washington's first fight for independence was from his controlling, singular mother.
Stubborn, aristocratic Mary Ball Washington was entrenched in the Old World ways of her ancestors, dismissing the American experiment even as her son led the successful rebellion against the crown. During his youth, ambitious George dove into the hard-scrabble work of a surveyor and rose through the ranks of the fledgling colonial army, even as his overprotective mother tried to discourage these efforts.
Mary's influence on George was twofold. Though she raised her eldest son to become one of the world's greatest leaders, Mary also tried many times to hold him back. While she passed down her strength and individuality to George, she also sought to protect him from the risks he needed...

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