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Guthrie QA-CAD 2018 A.18

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Guthrie QA-CAD 2018 A.18
Guthrie QA-CAD 2018 A.18 | 31.99 MB

QA-CAD is an essential tool in the engineering design process. If you are still Descriptionting drawings and adding numbered stamps and revisions by hand, then QA-CAD is for you! Save your valuable time and resources with our QA stamping software that overlays drawings with auto-numbered stamps and markup notes and corrections (text, sketches, boxes, lines and arrows).
With just a press of a button the drawing, along with the revision stamps and markup notes/corrections, can be saved to a PDF and sent in an email. The source drawing remains untouched by the stamping and markup operations.


(QA-CAD also includes all the features and functions of CAD Viewer, CAD Markup, SymbolCAD, and also includes the valuable add-on extension CAD Viewer Batch Command.)

Export embedded data to EXCEL/CSV:
* Export embedded data to EXCEL forms for First Article Inspection, AS9102/EN 9102 and PPAP
* Export embedded data to a spreadsheet (EXCEL/ CSV) for revision management or inspection
* Export ballooned drawing to PDF
* Export bills of characters to customisable EXCEL reports.

Balloons (bubbles) drawing feature:
* You can choose to draw balloons (bubbles) or QA Stamps on AutoCAD / PDF drawing
* Overlay drawings with unlimited no. of balloons or QA stamps and Markup annotations.
* Field-based data or attributes may be embedded into balloons or QA stamps.

Support multiple formats:
* Vector (DWG, DXF, HPGL/2, DWF), pixel (TIFF, JPG, BMP) and PDF formats can be opened and stamped.
* All AutoCAD DWG/DXF versions/ formats support including AutoCAD 2019.
* Inventor DWG format support including Inventor 2019.
* Save the drawing with bubbles and markup overlays to PDF, DWG, DXF, TIFF ...

Auto-numbered Balloons:
* Stamps are automatically numbered and easily configured.
* Alter numbering system of balloons (QA Stamps) anytime during stamping process.

Balloon size, color and numbers:
* Color changer - Choose from 20 different ballooning ink (stamping inks).
* Alter each stamp to any size.
* Rotate stamps in any direction.
* Add leaders to stamps.

Capture data from CAD drawing:
* Automatically pick up dimension values from drawings.
* Automatically pick up GD&T symbols from drawings. (plan to support in near future)

Save balloon edits:
* Save balloons (QA stamps) and markup annotations separate to the drawing.

Integration with your email software:
* Send ballooned PDF by email with just the process of a button.

User-defined Stamp:
* User-defined Time / Date / 'Checked by' stamp.

Field entry control:
* Option to configure field entry controls as a dropdown list of user defined values.

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


Download from here:

(You shoud buy Premium to download with Max speed !!!)

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