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Aqua Data Studio v18.0.18 Multilingual (x86/x64)

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Aqua Data Studio v18.0.18 Multilingual (x86/x64)

Aqua Data Studio v18.0.18 Multilingual (x86/x64) | 638/643 MB

Aqua Data Studio implements a reliable database administration system that can be used for browsing database contents and running SQL scripts. It provides support for multiple types of relational databases, such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, DB2, Apache Cassandra, Derby and Hive, Informix, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more.

The main advantage of Aqua Data Studio is that it does not limit the number of servers you can connect to, which means that you can work with multiple databases simultaneously. Servers and database schemas are displayed in tree-view, for easier navigation and understanding of the structure.
Aqua Data Studio displays data in a structured manner, enabling you to create new tables or easily modify existing ones. You can change or create indexes, users, permissions and procedures, as well as edit the data definition language of a database object.

The integrated schema script generator assists you in creating SQL scripts. The editor features syntax highlighting, line numbering, auto-complete functionality and suggestions, all meant to significantly ease your work.
The application's feature set is completed by the integrated database administration tools, which enable you to manage instances, connections, sessions or storage capacity, as well as generate server statistical reports.

The IDE features debugging capabilities and allows you to easily import and export data using the dedicated wizards that can guide you throughout the entire process. The ER diagram generator allows you to obtain a graphical representation of the database structure, while the integrated query builder helps you generate and execute queries and view results displayed as 2D or 3D charts.
Aside from the above, there are more features waiting to be discovered in Aqua Data Studio. It is a scalable database management tool worth trying for handling large data sets.

New in Version 18.0
For the Aqua Data Studio version 18.0 release, we have added significant usability and functional enhancements to all our editors. We are also introducing schema synchronization which enables you to deploy differences from your source schema to your target schema. In addition, we now offer Visual Explain plans for Amazon Redshift and Teradata databases. We now support Google BigQuery Standard SQL syntax along with several new data types. Version 18.0 also offers a new tool called Connection Monitor which provides the ability to ping database connections on a periodic basis, refresh results in your Query Window at a specified interval, and turn on auto-commit after the idle threshold is exceeded.

Significant enhancements in Visual Analytics provide business intelligence users more ways to analyze their ever-growing data volumes quickly and efficiently. Added to this release are symbol map and bullet charts, fixed axes support, many new ways to sort your data, relative date filters, exporting to PDF files, redesigned calculated field editor, chart highlighting, and much more.

Whats New:
15372 : Bug : ADS : Open API - IO : Fixed the Out of Heap Space exception in iterating / reading through Excel files
15360 : Enhancement : ADS : DB - RedShift : Added support for Zstandard compression encoding in Create Table UI for RedShift
15350 : Enhancement : ADS : DB - PostgreSQL : Added support for JSON and JSONB inserts to Postgres database from AquaScript (with AQTableWriter)
15320 : Bug : ADS : DB - MySQL : Fixed the defect in MySQL Alter Table UI, which left "Scale" in Table properties for Real Datatype
NONE : Bug : ADS : To determine git configuration directory, ignore bash command execution on Windows platform unless explicitly defined in system property
NONE : Bug : ADS : Editor : Fixed the PasteHandler bug, in which pasted lines did not matchup, for Cut and Paste operations
NONE : Bug : Visual Analytics : Fixed the NPE in VA, when user applies trendline and drops measure in the deck same as continuous dimension
NONE : Bug : Visual Analytics : Fixed the Backward migration which was not working for per measure label options other than "show data labels" option

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